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Mick is back and 2019 ready

 By Mick Holien One thing someone who values words and communication in general quickly discovers when unable to do so is how sorely one misses writing when it’s basically been in one form or another a daily part of my...

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Catchin’ Up

By Mick Holien So are we really going to get a pleasant September or when that thermometer took the big dip last week was it just the precursor to that bite in the air that sends us to a different drawer in the dresser or maybe...

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Words from Where

By Mick Holien You often hear phrases uttered full well thinking they have aptly described a scenario when in fact what they have done is to describe something or maybe someone with words with a commonality but have little or...

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A Treasure or Two

By Mick Holien With the long overdue induction of Bob Costas into the broadcaster wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, I decided I would part ways with a few of my autographed baseballs  signed by fellow Hall...

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