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Suicide-Part 3

THIS IS A THIRD INSTALLMENT ON A SERIES ABOUT SUICIDE By Mick Holien I have long been prompted to write or record my personal overview and recollections of suicide, its corresponding effects on me and concern at least, fear at...

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My Taxes

I Was Late Dec 30 By MICK HOLIEN I Was Late So how long will it take you to write a 17 on your checks instead of a 16 at the end of 20. Nope this is not a math question but when you hear or read this we’ll be just a...

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Now You Know Mick

Jan 2 By MICK HOLIEN Well here we are. We made it. Happy New Year to you and yours and I swear that’s my last salutation until the holidays of 2017 that is if I am so fortunate to be around. I know you are anxious to...

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