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Am I just extremely sensitive or?

I guess you could describe me as sensitive. You see I’m that guy that cries at seemingly every Hallmark commercial and in fact you can catch me sniffling during about any chick flick, which in case you’re wondering, I also...

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What’s Up Doc?

I know you’re thinkin’ my deep thinkin’ from yesterday’s program about bullying made me who I am right? Nope not today. You see I have the pulpit and well I’m just not in the mood but we’ll get back there. I see a physician so...

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Warp Speed

By Mick Holien The weekend’s activities at the Montana Football Hall of Fame induction left just a single question remaining for me – Why did it take this long to begin honoring the finest of the state’s gridiron. Close to 300...

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Oops-Where is it?

I wrote today’s edition but I walked away forgetting to record until something hit me later in the day. For years I’ve been of the mind to leave reminders – you know those sticky notes that are all over the desk – to help me...

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