Oops-Where is it?

I wrote today’s edition but I walked away forgetting to record until something hit me later in the day.

For years I’ve been of the mind to leave reminders – you know those sticky notes that are all over the desk – to help me remember to do even routine things.

And haven’t we all walked into a room to do something and for the life of us not remember what it is.

Heck my Lab Skyy has even taken to doing it.

What do you think? Should we be concerned?

As we age I think a person is more aware of changes both in our body and mind.

Always being a stats nut and a bit of a verbologist – my word only – it is certainly concerning when you reach back for that word, event or number and it’s just not there.

And with the growth of the horrible disease of Alzheimer’s, I think we pay even additional attention wondering whether it might be a normal part of aging or the first signs of dementia or even worse.

While I don’t think I have serious cognitive problems, I have found it seems harder to concentrate for an extended period and I have been known to find my glasses on my forehead when I go searching for them.

Recently my wallet was missing and I knew if I called a neighbor they would immediately locate it and sure enough it took about 30 seconds.

And truck keys – Goodness I’m always misplacing them usually when I need to do something quickly.

Yes I know they make that new beeper that you can connect to your keys so they can be located and who hasn’t had somebody call their cell phone so they can locate it.

This certainly isn’t a clinical evaluation but experts do say forgetfulness can be part of the natural aging process.

But it also can be a sign of something more serious.

And if you are concerned about it – which I am not – keep in mind that if such things are stressing you out, than you should consult your physician

Experts also say stress or changes in our everyday activities can also contribute to forgetfulness.

I use writing to keep me sharp and exercise of course fills a role but that’s a hard one for me.

Hobbies and volunteer activities also are important because of the interpersonal involvement and there are always mental games like Sudoku which by the way I know nothing about.

And don’t hesitate please, while I’m certainly not qualified to give advice, that if it is concerning please see somebody about it.

Just sayin’



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