Am I just extremely sensitive or?

I guess you could describe me as sensitive.

You see I’m that guy that cries at seemingly every Hallmark commercial and in fact you can catch me sniffling during about any chick flick, which in case you’re wondering, I also enjoy.

So you can imagine what happens to me during the holiday season when imo continues

I first remember being a crier after going through some critical times in the military. What was happening didn’t bother me at all, it was after it was all over and I had time to think about what had happened that I would find tears welling in my eyes.

Of course I hid my crying never letting anyone see what I construed as a weakness especially for a guy.

But I have found as I have aged my emotions have become even more prevalent and raw to the point that I try to remove myself from a situation that might well bring on such behavior.

It comes up in about any television drama especially if the acting or writing is superior and movies – goodness I am really a liability most recently in Hacksaw Ridge.

Interestingly reading superior writing doesn’t bring such a response but I am a mess at funerals and stray from offering kind words because quite frankly my sympathy sends families themselves to further deep emotions.

Ask me to describe my MS and since the diagnosis I’ll give you a waterfall when I really don’t feel outwardly emotional about it.

But put me in an emergency situation – and I’ve been there plenty – it’s all business and proficiency.

But here’s the weird scenario the out flowing of tears also occur when I’m happy especially when describing athletics.

I used to cry my way through end-of-the season Lady Griz tributes and it continued in spades when I moved to the men’s side in 1993.

When Shannon Cate’s shoulder went out multiple times during her senior season in 1992, I was an absolute mess trying to hide my emotions over the air.

I’ve talked to a few people about the writing and producing of those swan songs which I have come later in my career to record in order to do a better job getting through them.

The odd thing was men always thought my voice was just cracking from overuse but the gals had it figured… Many have told me they knew I was crying through the darn things.

I only had to cut this four or five times … just sayin’

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