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I Was Late

Dec 30


I Was Late

So how long will it take you to write a 17 on your checks instead of a 16 at the end of 20.

Nope this is not a math question but when you hear or read this we’ll be just a weekend away for the Year 2017.

Hard to believe and while we can easily say no big deal, it’s just another day, another year? Well not really.

In my case for tax purposes my receipt drawer has to be emptied and a new one started so as to start that arduous task of compiling tax information.

Oh I know it’s not for three and a half months but every year I pledge I’ll get started early and avoid all that last second stuff that finds me rushing to the post office to get my return into the mail in a timely fashion.

By that I mean April 15 which you will be happy to note falls on a Saturday this year no doubt meaning we get until the 17th so just relax right?

Ok and here’s my initial and quite probably my last resolution for Jan First: Do a better job compiling what appears to be a deductible expense and just be better overall organized.

So how bout u…did I strike a cord

Well I have a tax return confession and hoping the statute of limitations has expired.

Some years back I fell I think maybe five to seven years behind on compiling my return.

I guess it just got away from me and wasn’t an effort on my part not to pay rather just futility and really stupidity.

Did I really think the Internal Revenue Service wouldn’t notice? Fortunate for me, they didn’t.

It’s easy enough when you let it slide one year after taking extensions to just figure you’ll get it up to the date in the following April. In fact just think of how long you have to get up to date.

Year after year that was my argument. I’ll get caught up next month I told myself.

Thankfully one thing led to another and finally I bit the bullet, found an accounting firm – thanks Jim – and year by year completed one of the past years until thankfully I was caught up and what a relief.

I’ll bet your obvious question is what did I owe. Nope I have a Presidential Exemption.

Finally caught up, I vowed not only I’d never require another extension but I’d have my return filed yearly before the first of April.

Ok well that never happened and now I can only state as my 2017 resolution I’ll improve which believe me would make my friend Jim imminently surprised and pleased.

Just sayin



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