Let It Ring I say

By Mick Holien

Sitting at a monthly board meeting of the Boys and Girls Club, it didn’t exactly come to me as an original idea.

But when the first ring of a personalized cellular phone call pierced the air, it came to me.

No not what you think that it should be recommended at all meetings to either put your phone on airplane mode, rumble or turn it off completely.

Even the most consciousness of us should remember to do that but invariably it’s mine that quacks.

No it’s deeper than the obvious.

That special salutation that in some cases when it rings one actually would rather listened to George and Amarillo then have a legend answer his phone.

Others screech with the Alumni fight song, especially this time of year and of course I’m OK with that one.

But other personalization, not just a cell phone snooze, I think tells us even more about a person


Of course it marks your desire for individualism and look at the wall in any county courthouse shows you how supportive we can be of our favorite organzation by the purchase of personalized yes individualized plates.

Some say, and I have to disagree, that personalization is a sign of control, which is said to produce persons that are healthier psychologically and successful.

Dale Carnegie told us in “How to win friends and influence people” that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and important sound in any language.

Thus again the personalization that even slips into our tweets and email addresses.

Also enter that vintage sales pitch – the use of a potential’s first name in a standard response because wait for it a people really enjoys hearing their name in such a way, even in a radio interview.

It does something to the brain it is said.

But think about your cell phone ring –Guns and Roses or Gentle on my Mind…just sayin’

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