Spring Flavors

By Mick Holien Seeing the Shadow glide across Polson Bay, the late-night crowd “slamming” the area’s fast food spots well after closing time, a rodeo packing area’s roads with stock trailers, and the beat of a several music choices all not by any subtle means indicators that despite varying weather cabin fever time is marching to a different beat. And even with a strong north east wind suddenly sweeping whitecaps to the shore and chasing a couple of boats quickly for the nearest cover, the patio dance floor outside Kwa Taq Nuk was packed by a majority of grey hairs rocking to the stellar far ranging voice of Kelly Sinclair and the Gladys Friday band. BREAK As is the usual this time at the end of June a pleasant early evening with even tepid temps but in a whisper blustery bursts blew lyrics from band stands and sent some folks either scurrying for cover or at least back to their vehicle for a jacket, reminding attendees why snow still tops mostly southern Mission Mountain peaks. Some three months of mostly outside entertainment is the area’s staple and while after the first of the year most music venues quiet, just as quickly the avowed need now but to follow the beat to locate the music of their choice. There are plenty of the usual recognizable groups, mixtures of several bands combining talents to form new groups and others who have just surfaced. Just circle Polson with a 50-mile loop and you’ll find your returning favorites, a new venue or two and enough foot taping, or stomping if you prefer, to make thoughts of a few friendly feet of snow dissipate. Street sales is one other signal that the extra blanket can return to the shelf and while estate sales and auctions are as per usual next weekend is the annual Amish quilt auction in Saint Ignatius, If you have never participated or stopped at the Country Store you should do so. This is not your usual auction but comes complete with the purchase of a chicken dinner for lunch in the midst of some three auction stages. The quilts are amazing and the workmanship of other items, like storage sheds, outstanding but while certainly pricey well worth it. The money raised from the annual affair is used to finance the compound’s school. There also are a couple of marinas that have opened as Big Arm, complete with a restaurant and the long ago Jim’s, about across from Town Pump now are seeing customers. How about it? Just sayin’

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