Devil or Angel

By Mick Holien

Having done so some 15 years ago you wouldn’t think I would have a problem when I am handed some form that asks for the status of both my employment and my companion status.

It is not that I mind the latter except for the box that since divorced or single.

Now I am not trying to interpret just what someone is trying to learn about me not knowing that my three wives have left me single or the type of person I am if, which I assume the single box is for, I have never tied the knot.

But now that employment causes me pause. It’s that word “retired” that has me dumbfounded especially as I said the last time I was an FTE (full time employee) if I remember correctly was in 2003.

But then for the next dozen years or so I continued to broadcast University of Montana games while writing blogs for the Flathead Beacon and the Missoulian, a book as well as an occasional assignment.

So you see I was working – some would say I should have been paying the Grizzlies for the honor – but certainly I was not employed or was I?

And I guess I have to put an X in the divorce box although I like the single designation better and see it as a more accurate description.

I know you say much ado about nothing but what now – am I employed or retired? Oh me which box do I darken?

For the past umpteen days with credit for weekend time off I have been writing and producing what you are reading or listening to for KERR AM & FM Radio.

As in most of my radio endeavors except the early news days at KGVO in Missoula when I was an employee – note the connotation employee, I have been an independent contractor but am I employed?

While employers like the independent contractor designation, actually if one were to examine the state statute regarding such things legal counsel has told me I was anything but a contractor and satisfied the majority of requirements that left me as an employee.

Really that is most important if one were injured while performing those duties when workers compensation might be in play.

How does it go with that fifties Clovers tune Devil or Angel I can’t make up my mind.

You might remember my good pal the deceased Bobby Vee released it in 1960, followed by Johnny Crawford of Rifleman fame did likewise in 62.

But all that is bygones and frivolous anyone since it is after all just In My Opinion.

Just sayin’         




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