About Time

By Mick Holien

I’ve talked before in this corner about what I have desriobed as the vital roll sports plays in the psyche of a community and on the larger scale the country.

Maybe it is the fellowship of competition although I might favor the heydays of say the high-cleating Ty Cobb or the win at all coasts demeanor that say Pete Rose played with.

Now a days with free agency the majority of your opponents probably have been teammates at one time or another and kibitzing even during the heat of competition is common.

Why even the fifty-yard line in pre-game no longer seems sacred and I even noticed a visiting team at Washington Grizzly Stadium have a group photo taken while posing on the mid-field Grizzly after the game.

Unconscionable I say and I know a few guys who would burst through the gathering like melting butter.

But so many traditions have gone the wayside because an administrator or coach probably rightfully so saw their activity as objectionable. sexist or prejudice.

Yes sports plays a prominent role in the majority of lives but there are those folks who consider the activity … well silly.

But what about those folks who have rooted for a losing team like the Cubbies only to finally receive some vindication when the group suddenly surfaces as a contender.Yes I am a converted Mariner fan who has spent countless late-night hours hoping for a comeback, an error or even like this season, a different closer.

I often told my buddy Rusty in Ronan that I am always more than pleased that Seattle hovers around .500 but it seems to have some magic dust that has carried the team to already magnificent accomplishments this season.

From lucky to being a break-even team to establishing a Major League record for one run decisions and sitting some 19 games over .500.

Hey they may not be a playoff team but highly entertaining to this space who has such a much easier time staying awake until Midnight to bring em’ home.

Just sayin’


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