Father’s Day

By Mick Holien

Pretty serious and pertinent stuff IMO delved iknto last week with the five-part series on suicide where there not only is plenty to accomplish but an equal amount to learn about all aspects.

An already on this first of the week I have been approached by listeners either with different views, which is what this is about, or to share similar feelings and circumstances.

My intention was pushing the ball down the road just a tad and it seems it might have done that.

Incidentally the audio and written copy will be available at www.750kerr.com shortly. I sincerely hope you catch up on anything you missed.

It was some 117 years ago that the Evergreen State – that would be Washington –first celebrated Father’s Day.

And let’s just say the recognition didn’t bring instant favor since it was 58 years before the day honoring fathers received national recognition.

And it should not come as any surprise but the commercial opportunities of a day to honor mothers may well have also been the impetus to bring celebration of the other chromosome.

Spokane resident Sonora Dodd Moth promoted recognition of an equal to Mother’s Day, even though there were arguments it had less commercial appeal because of course men are not so likely to favor reception of flowers as a woman. Not IMO.

Her groundswell of enthusiasm brought the inauguration of men’s recognition in June 1910 eight years before other states followed suit.

But amid the commercial controversy after the first world war it drew attention as a way to celebrate the troops and the war effort.

And some other countries celebrate a St Joseph’s Day an Irish Catholic holiday, in March.

In 1972,President Richard Nixon proclaimed the day as a national observance which now is estimated to draw more than a $1 billion into the economy because of the purchase of Dad’s Day gifts.

And oh by the way the Griz Vox vessel got wet 10 days or so ago thanks to Karl and Maria and rests comfortably – well not that comfortably with all the wind – and will be sneaking around your bay on short order.

Yell and scream and let’s talk turkey. Fair Nuff?    

Just sayin’

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