Is it time?

By Mick Holien

Well I guess I have taken the first step – moving methodically and carefully but taking my friend Karen’s sage advice of trying a loner to possibly replace my yellow who made the trip over the Rainbow Bridge now for close to a year.

So here at my feet while I type on the keyboard is an approximate five-year-old yellow named Boone.

The kennel has been reconstructed; a pair of doggie doors reopened and the garage doors closed leaving him free rein of the house, garage and kennel.

But with lake days just coaxing me to give it all a try.

Boone is neither an unknown replacement to Holien acres nor me to him. No not that Boone. He co-owns the Valley Journal.

Boone is my roommate’s dog and has lived here for some time but not with free range. He has tolerated being inside fairly well but then again it is one of the nicest days of the spring and I really think he is humoring me by staying nearby and he is far from resting easy with late but enjoyable exploits of my Mariners.    

Nor does he understand that when I am screaming at the tube to cover as the ball comes across mid-court because the increase in NBA shooting range is stifling the transition game and turning contests into Pop-a-shot matchups.

And as far as Indy, well Boone is of the opinion that repeated scenarios of turning left for two-and-a-half hours fails to get you very far so there is that.

I haven’t done a lot of reading – although there is plenty out there – to advise me whether it is wise to get another dog especially after spending the majority of 14 years with Skyy who through you listener-reader’s kind words will live in infamy.

A couple of weeks ago I made the statement at a City-County Planning Board meeting that talk or action about our animals may bring deeper raw emotions to the forefront, maybe even more than if it was about people. Exaggeration I m not so sure imo

So my replacement loner will probably spend the night looking at me as if he has been deserted but he already has figured out staying out of the way of scooter wheels is instrumental in protecting toenails.

Here’s hoping reflection found its way into your extended weekend and I’ll do my part by passing along maybe even just temporary conclusions about the state of my animal kingdom.

Just sayin’  

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