By Mick Holien

IMO decided with the opening of Dude’s I would put a few things on the sales block more or less to gauge interest and then purchase price.

There are several unique things to learn about my mostly autograph collection.

Because I traveled all over the country with a baseball or two packed away for convenience you’ll find I have obtained many signatures where my baseball may be the sole one they ever sign.

Even when I did obtain say a basketball signed by a hoopster they may or may not be personalized not necessarily to me but rather with pertinent stats of their career.

Like say Pat Donovan:

               Mike Montgomery

             Or say the ‘99 Gonzaga Sweet 16 basketball team.

Never worry – There are a couple of Bobcat items – Sonny Lubick (the newest member of the Montana Football Hall of Fame and a Norski kicker who celebrated quite an NFL career

There are an assortment of Griz team balls amd a few individual Griz players with the price dependent on how clear the signatures are.

Of course my inventory is there also so you can fill your want and a set of nearly three dozen baseball Hall of Famers that for the time being I will part with for $2,750.

There’s the infamous Ryan Leaf and the Jailbird (O.J. Simpson), which believe it or not Juice signed in Las Vegas when he was recently hawking his signature much like Pete Rose.

Much of the collection is personalized to me which drives down the price but you you’d be surprised at the number of people that doesn’t really bother.

Equally surprising is the disinterest in the numerous 8×10. Many of which are mounted and framed.

For example I previously sold a Mickey Mantle signed baseball for $1,000 but the signed, framed and matted color photo has drawn little interest although I haven’t shown it that often.

Joe Montana signed a baseball for the Award-winning Monte in Bristol when thewy were filming a commercial and although I have a standing $100 offer I haven’t seen the cash so it too is available.

Abd that says nothing about the horde of autpgraph cards of various sports that I sent to individuals and they often mailed back three in return.

There will just be a tasting at Dude’s so if you have something in mind don’t hesitate to reach out and touch someone like me and I’ll see what I can help you with. Just sayin’

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