By Mick Holien

It seems strange to be concerned about getting winterizing completed when the calendar has just changed to the eighth month but indeed while the large majority haven’t even seemed to have gotten their feet wet – well anyway how quickly time flies when you are having fun.

One thing that sure is noticeable – not like I would notice – is water temperature in Flathead Lake – everyone tells me it is almost tepid like bath water.

And you know my deal: If I am telling you about water temperature it means just one thing –that I have fallen off Vox Vessel and into the water.

Now don’t get me wrong. I actually love any water and especially lake water.

It seems I have lived few places in my life where I wasn’t close to some kind of water but now unfortunately it is just too hard to either walk out or get out and into the boat.

And here we are on the first Tuesday of a month and you know what that means – Election Day somewhere.

Outcomes that in past years were insignificant to us suddenly hit the “all election all the time” television stations have already in the first hour analyzed not just an individual vote but how that determination fits in the short run and also in the grand election scale as the Dems attempt push to hang on to all things for all-buddies.

If past bumper years (mid-terms) are any indication the Presidents party, except for two situations held on to leadership. But has there ever been this degree of polarization?

I think not.

I considered grabbing the ‘Better Half,” dropping her at one of the partys and heading to the winner’s take over but after talking to her earlier in the day I think if the numbers fell to the wrong for me party silence and a separation might well be in the offing.

Yes it is true – Our votes, like my Mom and Dads – basically cancel each other out but then again that is the way of our Democracy.

Just sayin’

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