By Mick Holien

You remember.

People might say when eying a disgruntled look – Hey you know it takes more facial muscles to frown than to smile.

Oh poppycock I thought lingering in front of the bathroom mirror yet surprised I certainly was to find reference indicating indeed it takes an additional facial muscle to frown than to smile – actually a half dozen while that brow wrinkling frown probably employees at least up to 20 muscles.

Now that is just a ballpark observation because we all make a frown or a smile in different ways probably rendering the study useless yet wondering from where the observation was made.

My favorite shirt-tail philosopher was UCLA basketball coach John Wooden who patterned his life with observations of his Pyramid of Success and even non sporting fans know he had his share of success.

But again the thoughts of Winston Churchill also add credence to the discussion.

“It doesn’t seem to be too much use to be anything else,” he wrote about obtaining and retaining optimism have found it useful when I feel less than optimistic to look at negative events as being temporary.

If you have listened to me much you’ve heard me describe disappointing or even trying times during athletics when the Griz were trailing but pointing out “we’ve got em right where we want em.
It has always been my way of describing that anything can happen and often does to bring Montana back into a contest.

You might question my realism in such situations but amazingly it’s a lot of fun when a turn-around occurs.

I love it when a plan comes together.

One study I ran across that optimism can even be related to life longevity and could help healing and disease.

A large scientific study found optimists better of, in better shape and pleased to be so except for often living solitarily.

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