Early Examination of My MS


You probably know by now that I was diagnosed with multi sclerosis about a year and a half ago and coupled with several other sometimes unexplained maladies I have to admit it has slowed me down a taste.

And while I have hesitated to share this with you something just hit me as I sat in front of the computer that it was time to do.

And so I will.

The following of this program and the expansion of listeners has been to say the least quite gratifying.

There are few days that someone doesn’t say something generally or even about a specific program and while pleasing it is also quite fun so partially because I find it so cathartic here goes.

Doctors tell me I have probably been dealing with this disease for many years and in fact I think I remember when I first noticed a symptom when I tripped at my Blackfoot River cabin and while trying to keep from falling had an uncontrollable reaction where my legs spastically did their own thing until I went down.

The two people with me thought I was imitating a stick man and we all laughed. That was about 1993 and little did I know.

Now whether anything would have been different had I known of the diagnosis or I would have done anything differently I guess I can’t say. But it is disconcerting that either I didn’t specifically complain about it enough or the docs just didn’t consider that was what was wrong.

I’ve had a trio of rotator surgeries from falls during that time and am in need of a fourth which I just can’t face. I also went through a hip revision and several other orthopedic surgeries

I’ve hit my noggin more times than I can count, mostly breaking myself open and even took a dozzie in the garage a while ago that severed a facial artery and left me looking like a punching bag.

There’s really too little space on a daily basis to expand on what I have started but I think I’ll use a few days to share some of how the disease and other maladies have affected me and how I have decided over time to move forward.

Maybe some of what I have to say might help someone else so I hope you will oblige.

Just sayin’

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