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Does FCS football, the level the Grizzlies play at have enough representation in recommending rule changes?

About the time a player and coach get up to speed on the rules and accompanying techniques required from changes in the football rules the governing body, under the auspices of the rules committee determine not by any means to reinvent the wheel but certainly to alter it and consequently the manner in which it rolls.

Along with the aforementioned change in fielding a kick, the three-division panel also decreed prohibition of any blocking below the waist more than five yards from the line of scrimmage except when done by an interior offensive linemen.

The Playing Rules Oversight Panel was formed some 15 years ago to review and implement playing rules proposals especially those involving safety.

The 12-member committee includes six members from Division-1 and three each from D-2 and D-3 who are administrators, not coaches.

Half of the group is league commissioners while another five are athletic directors. The remaining member is a sports information director. Two are from FCS – Jennifer Heppel from the Patriot League and David Roach from the Atlantic 10.

Another rule change, meant to get play started quicker. The 40-second play clock will be used after Tds and kickoffs while a 10 second runoff will occur after a replay overturns an on-the-field ruling when there is less than a minute to go in each half

The committee also determined instant replay officials could be located in a central location out of the stadium by stating “most conferences have state-of-art television command centers where a decision at all games could come from centralized location.

Certainly that must be in reference to FBS schools since I know of no FCS league with such facilities.

Remember institution of the rule we’ve already talked about where by a fair catch inside the 25-yard line will be moved to the 25 as if it is a touchback.,.

The committee must be satisfied with the previously implemented targeting rule since they only somewhat were recommended to alter it which they didn’t.

Although a rules advisory committee received a lot of input they did not recommend implementing a rule that would make an offense wait 10 seconds after a previous play before snapping a ball in an attempt to decrease the number of plays.

Of some 324 comments the committee received 74percent were against such a proposal.

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