A Bit More MS


Just to continue on some thoughts from yesterday you probably know several friends who have MS. I have really been surprised that either someone told me or shared they knew someone with the disease.

They tell me at my age that there is no real treatment for the disease but since there really isn’t an expert in the state and I haven’t ventured yet to the closest in Spokane I have chosen to take their word for it.

Now don’t think this is meant to be a poor me scenario – far from it.

I can assure you and others agree that you don’t die from MS.

I’m told women in their forties are usual victims and that at my age such a diagnosis is quite rare – thus the doc’s feeling that I’ve had it for a while.

My challenge – and what has put me in a scooter a few months back – is that I have left dropped foot, the same side where I frequently get restless leg syndrome.

The foot doesn’t move much even though I have done several bouts of PT and when the restless leg gets active, both legs make involuntary movements.

I have hid that for years when driving by putting my foot under the brake pedal so it didn’t come up to my chest.

And while several medications have been prescribed to help with the malady, they either make me tremendously tired – which is exasperated by MS or in the case of the current one sometimes put me to sleep when I’m standing up.

Yesterday I fell asleep while I was working on this program, didn’t realize it and slept straight up in an office chair for 30 minutes.

Is their pain you ask – well not from the MS.

But a failed first laser surgery in Phoenix, then fusion back surgery has left me unable to stand straight and with a high degree – just like most of you = of debilitating lower back pain

And then there’s oh never mind.

So what do you do when you have made your living with your voice, my mental capabilities have not been at all affected, nor has my memory.

And always being a positive guy what about the depression?

Tomorrow will be brighter and we’ll let it rest for a while.

just sayin’

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