Your Place Or Mine

By Mick Holien

I’ll bet maybe you are one of those people – I sure was – who opted to call up the computer advertisement either on Facebook or some other site that advertises the walk-in tub with umpteen features to further entice your interest.

I mean after all who doesn’t need a free toilet with purchase and that heated seat and the number of jets that rival a luxurious hot tub and don’t forget the two-minute drain and no chemicals needed.

And with no advertised price there you are dreading a salesman’s visit but still your interest is piqued because how much could be it against wouldn’t it be nice.

Well that was me at least and after reading everything on line several times, negatively deciding over several months and influenced by the all-everything bed I purchased for an embarrassing amount of money last year, I practiced just saying no – to myself – then did just the opposite and contacted the company on line.

Come on now I know you are just a little or possibly even a lot interested in the price.

Prior to the salesman’s scheduled 9 a.m. visit I reread everything, admonished myself for even considering the possibility, then set a price in my head ($5,000 installed) , vowing to not consider anything higher.

Well Mr congenial – I’ve been with this company for 22 years – from Bozeman (how do you think that worked) was Johnny on the Spot and proceeded with his 90-minute pitch, emphasizing all the extras and explaining even though lone of the bathroom walls had to go, he’d figure out how to include that work in the all-inclusive quote.

Closing in on the two-hour mark I just laid in on the line – sure Mick – and inquired zaps to whether I was in the ballpark when it came to the quote.

Are you a veteran ($1,000 discount); are you prepared to purchase today ($2,500 discount) and out came the figure$21,000 minus the discounts.

Now I know a walk-in tub representative is going to hear about this story and program and assure me his company can do it for a whole lot less.

And I am also sure there are customers out there who have purchased one for considerably less.

But the quote sure made it a lot easier for me since it was about 300 percent more than my budget.

And with a top-end $5,000 quote, my bathroom soon will have a walk-in shower that I won’t have to worry about a fall and besides who needs a heated seat, a new toilet, a variety of jets – oh well you know how that goes –and if you can lay out the cash for the other, the more power to you.

Just sayin’        

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