A bit of Polson Rural Fire News

By Mick Holien

If the Polson Rural Fire Department gets its way, a new station will be constructed in order to better protect parts of Lake County.

But even given the presence of a study to determine a possible location that would most efficiently serve the most residents, any construction could be as long as two years away.

The study is examining feasibility of a fourth station possibly at Valley View, Rocky Point, Jette Lake or further east in the 200-square-mile district, according to Polson Rural Fire Chief Gordon Geiser, who recently replaced Paul Laisy, another Missoula Rural Fire Department firefighter.

A little more fire department news that could save you some money.

The Polson Rural District is protected by the headquarters station on Regatta Road next to the Fairgrounds and stations at Irvine Flats and Big Arm.

Now that tax bills are out check your statement to see what you are levied under the other category for Rural Fire. In my case, and I live just a taste more than six miles from the City Fire Deparftment station next to the library, I pay 49.40 for 6 months..

But remember that’s just a part of it.

Now go find your insurance bill which maybe you don’t pay much attention to since it is probably, thanks to your escrow account, paid automatically.

Ok so here is your lesson of the day has your fire insurance recently increased or even maybe decreased.

A numerical rating of the Insurance industry (ISO) converts to money, said Gieser about Polson now coming in at six instead of the previous seven. I have no idea what kind of a coin that converts to but here’s to betting it is noteworthy. the respsonsibility that occurs Jan 1.

In my particular location I have the highest possible rating – a 10, barely missing a lower rating said an agent with my major insurance carrier.

So IMO the only way I can save a dollar or two is if a new station showed up at Ridgewater which wouldn’t hurt my feelings any lol. Ironic I guess also I am far closer to the Finley Point Department but it was an engine from Polson City that was first to arrive to a fire at my house several years ago.

But I thought maybe I would give you a nudge and live just a bit vicariously.

Just sayin’


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