Just a Look

By Mick Holien

Anytime one has an idea and then plays out the particulars of that idea in the public eye on radio and in print, one either receives instant or delayed gratification or even in some cases sharp criticism.

It is certainly not my first rodeo and prepared for both I set out to find out if anyone was indeed interested in my opinion.

And while I’m sure it is challenging to attempt to catch my radio broadcast (after 9a.m. news and weather) (after the 5 p.m. news and weather), most broadcasts and virtually all written copy is available on the company website (www.750Kerr.com).

But it is probably easier to leave your comments attached to my Facebook post in the evening after the whole affair that being me, has called it a night.

This isn’t my first attempt basically at column writing but in previous presentations (Missoulian, Flathead Beacon) the daily focus was more on sports.

But the ideas for an In My Opinion piece resonates from somewhat daily musings during which invariably a story idea or at least the start of one will surface and get those keyboards clacking – or at least as quickly as an old “hit and pluck or hunt and peck guy” can.

I recently had an opportunity to talk to Missourian editorial writer Steve Woodruff who manned that desk for my 13-plus years at the Missoulian

The editorial guy has a far different challenge and if you will opportunity.

That person is writing the pulse of the newspaper and I suppose in some cases the publisher’s and the editorial board’s viewpoint and In my case I am not so much trying to convince you of anything. I just tell you what I think about a subject or I might even, wait for it, tell you a different viewpoint than the one I subscribe to.

And in many cases I may just write about what I have observed or where I have gone.

And by the way in the case of the Missoulian, those crafting are approved. In my case the opinions expressed are mine, as is the program, and do not represent the sponsors or the radio stations.

Is it working? I will let you to decide that but it has been a program award winner the last two years or since it has been on the air.

Tomorrow I will take the June website numbers and take a shot at extrapolating what again I think they indicate.

I know it is a small sample but it will be at the very least interesting.

Just sayin’



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