Bobby Ball

By Mick Holien

Recent recruiting and commitment guidelines for high school students anxious to display their prowess at a more elevated level have altered some of the intrigue surrounding the traditional February contract signing but boosters always cling to any and all of what they might speculate as “inside” information and Wednesday is no exception.

And in addition to announcements about future Griz pigskin performers they’re anxious and probably even hopeful they might glean a tidbit of well you know “did you know that?

In addition to release of the “inside” information in Missoula and area media, coaches and some administration will make an additional stop at the Brewery in Polson on their way to Kalispell later in the day.

Polson is really more of s meet and greet while Missoula and Kalispell will talk of player specifics and show what film they were able to obtain from previous schools.

The 2:30 p.m. affair, sponsored by Mission Valley Grizzly Scholarship Association, won’t last long so as not to interfere with the further schedule so arrive early.

I recently talked to Bobby Hauck about a myriad of things surrounding the return of “Bobby Ball.”

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