For a Change It was Super

By Mick Holien

How is it that a guy can write copy the day after the Super Bowl and not talk football?

The myriad of bowls long have put wrap on the collegiate season at all levels, all star games have been contested , conf hoop is well underway, and well you’re right, I can’t not talk some football.

What’s the old saying – I didn’t have a dog in the fight and you’ve probably heard me say football is part of what I do but it is not who I am.

How can that be you ask after thousands of pieces of verbiage come flying off the keyboard over a four to five month stretch?

But back to my dog in the fight – I’ve told you about a couple but I’ve discovered a third. Nick Foles, a quarterback throw back who sat behind starter Carson Wentz and I wouldn’t say waited his time but that is how it turned out.

And I’d to break down his season to that last drive, taking just the right amount of time, driving down the field, converting just enough for first downs and running the offense in Manning-Brady-Elway fashion with a 70-play seven minute drive to secure that’s right the top banana.

And the game MVP outgunned Brady who only threw for 505 yards on 28 for 48 attempts.

Of course part time finley Point resident Chris Long played his way into our heart not only for his relentless pressure especially in the clutch but for his philanthropy not so much for the million bucks he donated but for the example he set.

Tim Hauck becomes the second former Griz to don a super bowl ring – Jimmy Ferris is the other and Eagles assistant coach Ken Flajoe, released from the coaching fold when Larry Donovan was fired after the 85 season, after 20 years in the pros dons the hardware.

Some of us still remember you Ken and congrats.

So brotherly love abounds in Philly and for a change the Super Bowl was actually super. Just sayin’

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