Happy Daze?

By Mick Holien

I am not so sure that in the dozen or so winters I have resided up here in the woods on Holien acres, which actually paints an inaccurate impression of my meager existence there has ever been quite as much snow piled in the driveway.

Long ago it was too much accumulation for a snow blower and whole I have a great machine with weights and chains, along with a three deck mower, in the carport its work credentials have been less than fruitful over the last few winters.

So since the snow was stacked so high and wide it required a truck with a blade that promptly got stuck in my driveway requiring my pickup for assistance.

Who’s counting but I think that might be the fourth vehicle stuck in the driveway which is a mere 100 feet but has a strange twist to and then of course you have to count the two visitors – one stuck at the gate almost to the private road and the other pulling a short trailer who got stuck so as to block any neighbors anyone from coming or going.

That is my way of being neighborly I guess.

But remember my groundhogs shadow and hold on to your hat cuz spring’s right …

Mick back on your radio and it might just be wishful thinking on my part or my anxiousness or even anxiety to uncover my newly purchased patio kitchen that I claimed too late in the fall to utilize for much more than a burger or two.

Believe me I purchased the beast for cents on the dollar but it has more burners than I ever have guests at one time and also comes complete with a bun warmer – no no hot dogs or burgers – infrared cooking, for which I will need instruction – and a refrigerator.

It lights up on the front so as you are driving up Haack Rd from 35 you will know when the food is ready and lights over the grill so I’m not fishin in the..I mean cooking in the dark.

So as I gaze across the fields below my perspective toward the tip of Finley Point they are no longer sprinkled completely white but with a sniff of brown peering through.

It’s a way away dear friends but state tournament pairings are close to aligning and well you know what I’m thinkin … and just sayin’


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