Worth The Savings


The first of a couple recent interesting encounters I have to share with you to kick off the traditional opening of the college football season.

Both worked to my advantage but not without some head shaking on my part about a sometimes pure lack of common sense but being persistent and polite yet extra inquisitive paid dividends.

I share these with you not to toot my horn by rather as an illustration of my let’s say diligence.

On Friday I drove to the National Bison Range reading somewhere that senior passes to National Parks and Monuments were available for $10, some $70 less than the rate that became effective Aug. 28. The pass has cost $10 since 1994.

I confess that I have had a disability pass for free admission for many years but that was one thing that I lost when my wallet recently disappeared. I was once told the pass could not be replaced.

The increase will be used “to enhance the visitor experience in parks,” read the website.

Now I don’t know about you, but drive twice that mileage for savings of substantially less although I did not realize the pass is also available on-line but for an extra $10 charge.

The pass is good for entry of any of the Park’s 2,000 recreational sites.

The nice young man at the Range’s front desk apologized and said he couldn’t oblige because the passes were all gone.

I patiently explained if they were on sale until the end of business, I sure expected to be able to buy one.

Again he profusely apologized failing to mention an annual senior pass available for a year for $20 with an option that purchasing that pass for four years qualifies the bearer to trade it in and obtain a free pass.

But now the lynchpin.

I told him about losing my disabled pass when my wallet disappeared to which he quickly advised me he would be happy to replace it with my proof of identification.

After I produced my passport and signed a book I was on my way saving not $70 but $80.

My only observation might be since I was in a scooter; you might have been able to determine I was entitled to a handicap pass.

Just sayin’

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