7-B Boys Chipper

Talk about drama and because of the lack of newspaper coverage, fans who can’t attend games are relegated to getting the information second or maybe third-hand and that’s a shame.

It just seems to me with a bit of planning sports departments could locate a fan, a parent or administrator that could provide a two-paragraph synopsis for all games in addition to a box score especially at tournament time.

But after all radio is always there but sometimes just for one team.

I spent the weekend at the 7-B boys and girls Divisional Tournament at Ronan.

Several nail=biting games unfortunately were represented by maybe a few words and the box score.

Broadcasting has dramatically changed since my foray into the high school ranks in the 80s. Few games make the radio instead broadcast on a lap top and over the Internet.

That way I surmise station operates can enjoy the best of both worlds by providing the games on some platform without compromising regular programming.

The whole reason I lament the print coverage is the championship game Saturday night between Loyola and Anaconda.

Described as being decided by a pair of free throws completely left a gaping hole in how the game was decided.

With 14 seconds to play Copperhead guard Braxton Hill came the length of the floor eventually charging down the lane, now triple teamed, and getting up an attempt that required officials, who would just as soon stay out of it at this point, to whistle a foul call.

Relentless Hill was not about to either give up the rock or to be kept from getting off a decent attempt.

The leading scorer of the event, the coach’s son and the division’s top free throw shooter calmly sank the first one and after a Ram time out dropped in the winner with 2.2 seconds remaining.

A length of the floor toss at the sound of the claxon sent two broadcasters to tears, one side of the gym into a frenzy and Anaconda to the state tournament for the first time in more than a decade.

How’s it go “Memories are made of this, sang Dean

Just sayin


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