Television Habits

By Mick Holien

I don’t fashion myself a television junkie, you know never missing an episode, but with the magic of digital video recorders (DVR) I have to admit I hold a pretty hefty library of weekly I can’t miss dramas.

And there are even some I enjoy or look forward to so much – wait for it – I even watch them live.

So what is my favorite – Maybe it is Tom Selleck, who gasp I would trust to buy insurance from, or the remainder of the cast who seem like a “real” family, but I anxiously await “Blue Bloods.’’

The remainders I can power watch and mostly am attracted by subject matter more than a particular star.

Years ago when I interviewed UM alum Carroll O’Conner, in Missoula for the dedication of the Law Enforcement Memorial at Rose Park in honor of the fallen and because of “In the Heat of the Night,” he shared stories of the pressure that mounted on his character when he assumed more story responsibility as the Executive Producer.

I also like “Homeland” although Carrie’s absence will be felt much like Sol’s addition that came along with his absence from Dangerous Minds.

Mark Harmon, the former quarterback who continues to call the plays at the mother ship NCIS, while I have to admit I have never watched Bull because Tony will always just be Dinoso.

This non junkie could go on and on and include for example Madam Secretary.

When it comes to the Sunday Shows I have said before Reliable Sources on CNN and Media Matters on Fox are never miss for me because of their critical examination of the week’s coverage.

Now you can see that doesn’t leave much room for sports but this time of year I am still a Mariner fan who will cue into the NBA finals when the time is right.

I again have to admit though that I haven’t caught up with the M’s and their outstanding exploits and was quite surprised to find them eight games over .500.

Of course depend on UM alum Ryan Divish, beat writer of the Tacoma News Tribune, to get me up to speed.

Just sayn’

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