Just Grive Me A Little Less

What is it about folks in the public eye, and especially during interviews, who seem inclined to repeat a question in a longer form or worse yet in their answer where it seems they believe the quality assumes greater value by its length.

A great compliment is to be described as a person of few words but there are a few folks who believe they are required to repeatedly tell us that more is better than less rather than being delivered as in quoting English literature:“conscientiously without enthusiasm arriving as the clock struck and leaving on the minute,” as in my opinion continues.

Since I am a cable and network news aficionado I have plenty of experience with first of all reporters who apparently think the person being interviewed can’t remember the question for the thirty seconds it took to inquire.

During the thousands of interviews I have done I always have subscribed to the notion that the listener is far more interested in what the source has to say than me.

The worst offender in my mind is CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, the master of “breaking news, happening now, this just in, and most repeatedly “right now.”

Apparently continuously repeating the background information that has been discussed long before the guest comes before the microphone is either Blitzer’s way of filling time – geez I hope that isn’t what is happening” or consultants have advised the network that constant repetition provides the listener with the needed material to gain an intelligent response.

Here you have the original question of the seven to 10 word variation, followed by a repetitious 100 word diatribe that lingers endlessly before the answer that viewers are waiting for comes forward.

In other words shut up and let the person of authority whose answer we await tell us what their answer is.

Also invariably when it is his time on the set – and often whether it is or not – comes the breaking news music and his usual verbiage that the important stuff has or is just happening and even though the previous commentator has been telling us about it for an hour now it’s his turn. Cue music.

In addition to major networks I get my news from CBS, NBC and ABC and usually during the dinner hour which I tape so as to get it all, I supplement with Fox, Fox, MSNBC and CNN.

So when it’s my friend Wolf’s allotted time I do exactly what is advised – If you don’t like it, turn him out which also is your prerogative..no wait..just say’n.




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