Think Aout It

By Mick Holien

One can certainly tell it is that time of year.

Signs are abound not the least of which are the new and beautiful blossoms on my 32 fruit trees, the majority of which are cheery trees that provide me with just enough summer sweetness.

The Griz Vox vessel sits patiently on Holien acres, with the way the lake is filling it won’t be long until my slip at Country Club Shores will protect another visitor.

Unfortunately there are several other circumstances that rear their ugly head often involving our tourist visitors sometimes significantly dampening spirits.

As a weekend reporter there seemed nary a summer when there wasn’t a falling death at Mission Falls or even like recently at Mud Lake.

Our spectacular views and animal encounters sometime entice what can only be described as stupidity and often result in fatal decisions.

There are the usual bear encounters some of which arguably were unavoidable but some of the antics displayed on the National Bison Range only invite an unfortunate incident. We don’t have a petting zoo folks and if they took into consideration the speed and especially acceleration of these animals.

It really wouldn’t be a bad idea to include as part of a visitor packs such things to be aware of in addition to even swimming.

A recent tragedy prompted today’s IMO.

I read where one of the men attacked by a Mountain Lion believed the animal was stalking them, apparently unaware that the animal is reclusive and hunts its prey in just that way.

They probably had a sense that something or someone was watching and indeed they were being hunted. Let’s face it Cougars are just plain sneaky and have been known to come right up on a porch looking for food or a small animal.

Several years ago a small child was snatched from an Evaro Hill yard and killed. Of course such occurances are infrequent nut knowing that Evaro Hill is an animal pathway to Glacier National Park might well be helpful.

Just sayin;


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