A Bit of a Challenge

Is it just me?

No I’m not going to complain about the weather because I have always said if there’s nothing I can do about something, it is not going to affect me.

And I also always have joked that a tough winter does a good job of keeping those folks from warmer clients from relocating to my corner of God’s Country.

I know that’s not very charitable but I love our piece of Paradise on Earth.

While my recent diagnosis of multiple sclerosis seems to be affected by heat and cold, I can handle about every temperature – After all we all know how to layer, right?

And I did wear a tee-shirt during the infrequent boat trips on Flathead Lake last summer.

But consulting the outside thermometer for clothing advice, I have just growth increasingly tired of the white stuff.

I am even more tired of being teased with the streets and sidewalks somewhat scraped clean only to get another load of fresh snowfall.

Now I drive a 4×4 pickup and my pal handles the snow blowing on approximate 100 feet of driveway but the private road out front is stacked vehicle high on both side and cleared just wide enough for a vehicle.

The mailbox can be a bit of a struggle but OK to overwhelm but slippery parking places and floors as well as partially shoveled sidewalks? Well I’ve just had enough of it.

And what don’t make it any easier are all the photos from friends frolicking where temps average in the 80s and there’s clear skies and sunshine.

It seems like ions ago since I celebrated my Libra birthday with a week on Maui and thinking when I awoke without a shirt on that it seemed a bit chilly.

If I ever have an opportunity to return I can tell you I will return south in that time frame as winter draws down yet spring has not yet arrived.

This morning I was awakened by a Montana number with solicitation to take a “free” cruise with the only requirement to return and let friends know what a great deal it was.

Because I don’t buy from solicitors that is all I know but ya know I just might return that call

Just sayin


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