Tis the Season

By Mick Holien

While the holiday season in general and Christmas often prompts many forms of benevolence so to can it bring melancholy especially for those who are shut-ins in their own home, have no immediate family or are confined to assisted living type facilities.

And it is not a fable that suicide and such attempts accelerate and in one survey I located surprisingly 45percent of respondents dread the festive season.

In our corner of the world where days tend to be grey and long lasting there has long been supposition that weather affects mood but is that accurate?

It seems to be family occurrences may well play a more significant role than any environmental influence.

Starting it seems at Thanksgiving if someone or something is missing from the family gettogether whether it be a traditional dinner or another happening like the opening of Christmas presents the pitfall of depression looms.

For one thing there usually is a break is our natural routine accompanied by maybe more than normal down time which can get filled with reflecting on the loss of a loved one.

While that is all part of the grieving process I have noticed recently even on Facebook the mourning of loved ones three, five years or even longer after their passing professing their eternal love and loneliness.

Adding to that cycle in my quite less than professional opinion is the guilt we bring down on ourselves if our downer is recognized by friends or relatives who hasten to offer advice and feel the need to share your agony.

Enough about some symptoms I have seen but what you say or how to alleviate or at least improve the scenario.

There is nothing clinical or improper about your feelings and as usual it is more how you react to them.

Reach out – Know that your situation is by no means unique. Christmas depression is a reality that cannot and is not denied.

Make a phone call either to someone close or maybe even someone you haven’t talked to in some time.

Get involved with the myriad of activities that are readily available.

Decorate even if you don’t feel like it. It doesn’t have to be elaborate.

I know I probably sound like a broken record but VOLUNTEER. If you see nothing that inspires you, you aren’t looking hard enough.

And remember it starts here – GET YOURSELF OUT OF BED AND GET GOING. Just sayin’

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