Pete To Repeat

By Mick Holien

It bears repeating or does it? Who do you know that often seems compelled to repeat themselves?

Make up your own mind but my favorite is on CNN and you will recognize him without me writing his name.

Breaking news, happening now, this just in, right now – All in the space of five seconds. Lose the repetitions please.

Especially listen to how often he says “right now.” Knowing a bit about the business I am suspicious that the consultants have advised of the need and he just has overdone it.

The Center for Nonviolence Communication places the malady on people who don’t believe they were heard the first time.

But obsession with things also prompts a person to repeat themselves and early signs of a cognitive problem, say dementia, also are a possibility.

But Carol Bradley Bursack of Aging Care says it might even be a matter of short-term memory loss meaning the person in that short amount of time may have forgotten what they said, thus no matter how irritating or even aggravating it may be, thinking they are saying something for the first time.

Treatment for the aging involves distracting them to other things but with children they repeat things because they want to learn new things thus creating new memories.

Then there’s the obsessive compulsive… they repeat words and numbers in their heads, according to, to help overcome fear and anxiety.

I found it extremely interesting …now think about this…a lack of confidence and a need to be dominancy also can prompt such action. Apply where you think appropriate here please

As for treatment understanding what causes it goes a long ways toward understanding the malady.

Elders for example, as I am I, sometimes repeat themselves while reflecting on their lives in order to find meaning.

If something is truly bothering this person, repetition is a way of relieving the frustration.

Without anything to do with politics, it is at least interesting to note who has to immediately repeat themselves and the reasons behind their behavior.( But what about our need to be heard which often interrupted by someone you are talking who has that same need frustratingly taking away solving your stated need.

Just possibly if someone expresses a desire to you to be heard, our response or lack thereof could be just to patiently listen but not while trying to form our next point but to actually hear what the other person is saying.

Just sayin’

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