There is No Golf Ball

By Mick Holien

Really now. Let’s face it.

If somebody approached me and said they wanted to tell me about a new sport about to go Olympic in 2020 I would probably show a bit more than passing interest.

But if they preceded to add that there used to be a practice course on my Haack Road property add the best player in the world lives in Missoula, I would probably thinking about rejuvenated the land and charge for its use.

Hey I am at least entrepeneurial.

Well all the above is true … well all but for the charge part.

There might have been a Disc Golf course at one time Mike, Brian, or Kim, previous residents, but there is no indication now of the whereabouts.

Disc Golf, the fastest growing sport in the world with over 100,000 registered members.

And Brian Bjortomt (ask a radio guy) is the statewide driving force behind the growth with courses Rock Creek in addition to the original Pattee Canyon course.

But as much as disc golf the story is Bjortomt, who has had the public course at Pattee Canyon since 1979.

Now this isn’t a sports executive director although that is the job he does, he has donated all his time consisting of promoting the sport to area youth and holding clinics at area schools.

He also receives no financial assistance from anyone for upkeep on the courses and equipment.

And talk about growth in popularity.

This week alone there were 90 tournaments scheduled in the united States and a baker’s dozen other countries.

Tournament play is advertised as eight to 80

Just sayin’

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