Well Deserved

By Mick Holien

Given the nearly unprecedented basketball season Head Coach Travis DeCuire just completed it should come as no surprise that the now fourth-year mentor was acclaimed by the honor Court Tuesday as this year’s winner of the Ed Chinske award.

First awarded in 1971 it is designed for the coach, trainer, manager or other notoriety in athletics who put together that exceptional season.

It is given as the groups second most important to honor Chinske was one of the most popular and capable ever who never understood the word “Quit.”

Over the years his sons generally have attended the mid-winter affair as a part of the 60th Annual Ray Rocene affair.

Gary Trenary was the Chinske’s initial recipient which usually honors the area’s top team year to year.

Griz and high school championship head coaches among the to receive the Chinske include Jud Heathcote, Mike Montgomery, Robin Selvig, Tom Stage, Don Read, Stew Morrill, Russ Pilcher, Dick Scott, Tim Racicot and Gary Ekegren.

Chinske, who coached a myriad of sports at UM died while on a local golf course.

Also featured at the banquet, held this year at the Hilton Garden Inn May 8 also features the winner of the Ray Rocene award, the group’s top award presented in honor of the “Jabster” former five-year Missoulian sports editor Ray Rocene.

Additionally the Campbell-Buzzetti award is given and a prominent sports figure offers his thoughts.

In the meantime I want to tell you about the treasure trove of sports I have discovered in Deer Lodge.

Two cardboard boxes in Judy’s closet of irreplacable writings typed on an also included Royal Typewriter.

The monetary value of the merchandize is far outweighed by the historic value let alone the curiosity factor.

It is going to take a while but Bob and I are focused on preserving all items a

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