After the Weekend

By Mick Holien

On this Earth Day at this writing and taking a chance on being labeled you know one of those guys – all I need to see is the mass of garbage that forms together on the ocean surface.

So we really think we can sustain demonstrating such indifference?

I think not IMO.

Well I didn’t get the garage floor completely swept but unfortunately that is because junk is stacked on top of a certain percentage of concrete. But if you are like me, I’ll bet you took some at least advantage of later daylight and a bit of 50-area warmth.

The annual Trade Fair is coming up this weekend at the Polson High School.

I am going to take advantage of the offer of Carol Tibbles to let me share part of her booth, as a Boys and Girls Club board member to bring you up to date on our fundraising for locations in Polson and Ronan.

But it also a chance for you to grab a form from the booth with contact information for your comments about In My Opinion on KERR AM and FM.

But more importantly I’d like to know what you’d like to know that I have an opinion about.

Now keep it civil and remember I stay away from religion and politics just because it can be so polarizing.

But remember after about 18 months I’d really like to re-energize. I’ll have a big sign marking my presence and remember there is no question that is not a good question.

There is also plenty of material from the historical sports writings I recently located in Deer Lodge.

I don’t hesitate to describe it as a “treasure trove” and feel very fortunate that a friend chose to share it with me.

And lastly the Grizzly Scholarship Association Memorial Golf Tournament is on the horizon at Mission Mountain Golf Club in Ronan May 18.

A few prizes are in store and what a better chance to rub shoulders with coaches of your favorite sport to be represented.

Mark your calendar – It’s a Friday at 11 – and listen to a Lighter Side next week with all the particulars/

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