The Boys Are Fishin’


About as close as I am interested in making my way into an ice shack any time soon was completely satisfied Sunday in three-part harmony because of an imaginary visit accompanying the Port Polson players fishers.

And what a frolicking journey it was as visiting actor and Lewing future son-in-law Matt Loehrke joined Neal Lewing in anticipating the visit of imaginary TV host Cubby Cvernan to their Minnesota icy man cave.

Adapted from Man’s Musical Comedy, described as a “straight forward look into a chilly Wisconsin world where ice fishing and the Green Bay Backers are among life’s most important cornerstones,” strongly resembled those imaginary creatures featured on Montana radio portrayed in part by Mark Ward as Captain Catchem.

The area’s accent is best provided by North Dakota transplant Bob Mazurek who provides riotous periodic visits to the duos hideaway as Ernie the Moucher.

Guys on Ice is a repeat of its performance last year and are a continuance of the Players 42nd season.

Belly busting at times, subtle at others Loehrke, who will wed Lewing daughter Anna in September, provides his booming singular baritone and joins Lewing for a number of laughable duets and dancing steps that will not rival Dancing in the Stars performances.

Aptly accompanied on the piano by Beth Rowley some might describe the ice adventure as ill-fated from the start but one knows it is all more about camaraderie than the number of fish pulled back out of any hole in the ice.

Ernie the Moucher’s halftime show gives the audience a chance to capture gifts for answers to questions with the only problem being the single-pack of beer and other fortunes are mostly consumed by Ernie before the beginning of the competition.

Polson is particularly fortunate to have such a theater in its midst and to enjoy the talent of the Lewings for so many years and featuring in many cases the area’s talent.

The season continues with a two-week run of Murder at the Howard Johnson’s starting July 5 and continues with Pump Boys and Dinetes and Death By Golf for three-week runs at the iconic theater at the Flathead lake side near the entrance of Boettcher Park.

You just never know who you might run into as part of upcoming casts.

Just sayin’


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