Flag Day


Wednesday while not recognized as a federal holiday the day’s moniker is annually celebrated by veteran’s groups and others for its importance.

One of the oldest of the Nation’s such recognition, June 14 was first arose in importance during the Second Continental Congress in 1777 when they recognized Old Glory as this Nation’s national sign or in 1885 depending on whose information one recognizes.

June 14 was not deemed National Flag Day however until President Harry Truman signed an Act of Congress in 1949 although President Woodrow Wilson officially established a Proclamation in 1916.

But I’m betting that few classrooms embrace the day as an opportunity to talk about its significance.

Now teachers listen up because if I’m mistaken about an opportunity missed give me a nod on 750kerr.com where these programs are archived.

It is anything but a disparaging observation on my part to such a hard working occupation just sayin’ after all that as the Nation ages it seems to me the history of the older generation – yep that’s me – seems to continue to fade.

There will be no parades Wednesday but groups like the American Legion and the VFW utilize the day to properly dispose of tattered flags that come into their possession and I’m sure even will educate you in how to do it yourself, although it is not necessarily an easy proposition.

The Marine Corps League has been actively involved in that regard in the Mission Valley for years.

There has been encouragement over the years to fly the flag and in some corners it flies at half mast which of course often is mandated by the state’s Governor on noteworthy occasions usually honoring a tragic occurrence.

In one is so inclined there is a great read on the flag’s history at USSflag.org.

Improper display of Old Glory often occurs even in some corners that ought to know better and tattered fabrics sometimes go unreplaced far after their time

I hold a pair of official flags close to my heart – the one I received after my father, a WWII veteran was laid to rest in 1966 and another flown for me over Congress after a request to Sen. Max Baucus in the eighties.

More important to some today again is a day of reflection.

Just sayin’



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