I just do not know

How do you know? I require the written word today as I fear the time has come. But again how do you know?

I’ve spent the last couple of hours on the floor with my aged yellow lab, Skyy.

She awoke to her usual routine – mine that she has trained me for – not hers.

But coming out of the bedroom a bit later in the day she couldn’t hardly walk, heavily favoring her rear left leg and when she finally made it to her mat in the living room, she held her leg straight out and wasn’t interested in moving further.

I guess it would be easy to give up on her and just send her on the path to the Rainbow Bridge.

But spending the time on the floor with her today she responded with clear eye contact and tail wag and nothing wrong with her appetite, at least if it is the people food I have spoiled her with.

And while believe me I asked, she gave me indication that she was uncomfortable and concerned – grunting as she moved – but not whining or appearing to be in pain.

How do you know?

I realize there will be those that don’t understand at all the deep feelings we develop for our animals. My goodness I have had marriages that lasted less than the time she has spent with me.

And there undoubtedly will be those who believe I delay for my comfort and not hers and I have to say that may well be accurate.

But ironically just two nights ago, she came to the foot of my recliner late in the evening or early in the morning whichever is your preference, and coaxed me to play with her like a puppy, bounding up and down back and forth until heading down the hall to the bedroom.

Was that her idea of a last hurrah? How do we know?

I probably won’t decide on my dilemma before this airs and I was hesitant about even writing it before I made a decision but since the written word always has provided me peace and solitude, I found myself at the keyboard with you.

And again dear listeners and readers how do we know?

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