Ryan Rouillier Scores

By Mick Holien

Tim Ryan Roulllier’s record-setting symphonic presentation that broke an attendance revenue record in Missoula last year has drawn rave reviews as Public Broadcasting System affiliates have begun using the musical as part of its nationwide fundraising campaign.

But while several large market stations already are playing Rouillier’s artfully crafted musical to highlight its national fundraising efforts.

 Several large market Public Broadcasting System stations already are playing Rouillier’s artfully crafted “My Grandpa’s Fiddle, the soundtrack of my life” allowing their listeners the pleasure of partaking in Rouillier’s dream show.

Talented country singer Mandy Barnett will take the place of Lari White who died shortly after the Missoula show.

It has already been seen in Seattle, Los Angeles and New York but probably won’t be seen in Montana until KUFM’s annual fund raising near the end of the year.

Early estimates, according to Tim, indicate as many as 30 to 40 million people have already seen the show with some prognosticators forecasting a sizably more estimate.

An additional success story comes from former Grizzly hoopster Brian Qvale, who just completed his season with Lokomotiv of the European VTB united league.

He started his career seven years ago in Turkey and also played with Belgium and Germany before moving to Europe this season.

A two-time winner of the Eaheart defensivn award, he also mwas named to the defensive team by Colllege iNsider.com.

Originally from Williston, N.D. Brian was a four-year letter winner who started for the Griz beginning in 2007. At career’s end Brian also was eighth in scoring and also stood eighth in rebounding.

A true gentleman who played locally in the CASA golf tournament several times.

Married to Mandy, a former Lady Griz the couple have two children.


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