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By Mick Holien

It struck me as peculiar that Kate Spade’s father told the media Thursday morning that his deceased daughter showed no sign of being suicidal the night before she apparently took her own life.

While Spade reportedly long battled depression and accompanying anxiety, her husband and business partner Andy Spade told, but she was seeing a therapist, taking appropriate medication and while admitting her difficulties seemed to have things in perspective.

There have long been visible symptoms that a suicidal person manifests but often are overlooked by those closest to them.

While not at all an expert, I have more than a passing knowledge about the subject.

After extensive training I volunteered on a suicide prevention line prompted by the suicide of my grandmother and a close roommate as well as seeing my mother battle with depression and such thoughts for most of my childhood.

And the most important thing I learned is that communication might well be the most important, but unfortunately we often believe letting a person have their space.

First of all there are dangerous signs and while those closest to Spade say they didn’t notice anything an expert interviewed on CNN disagreed.

While we can touch on some obvious signals in this program, we’ll also continue to delve into this important subject followed by some thoughts on the grieving process next week but here are some warning signs that indicate a person needs help…

* A suicidal person often tends to give away items that have been very important to them.

* They sleep too little or too much

* They display extreme mood swings

* They withdraw or feel isolated.

* They talk about being a burden

* They talk about wanting to die

* They look for a way or put themselves in a position to.

* There is an increase in the use or drugs or alcohol

The suicide rate in the U.S. has increased 25 percent since 1999, according to a study cited by CNN

The 24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-8255

You can make a difference. 

Just sayin’


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