Computer Classes


There’s just so much to do – even during the week and with questionable dress-for-all-seasons weather.

And while I can’t stay awake half the time, I have been taking advantage of some class opportunities with more to come.

Tuesday afternoon there’s yet another free computer class at the Polson library.

There are sessions at 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.and if you can’t bring your own computer just let them know and they’ll have one all set up for you.

Heather Miles will teach a class about expanding your knowledge of the Internet and Internet safety where she’ll get a little help from folks at First Interstate Bank about things to help more secure your financial interests.

Call the North Lake County Public Library at 883-8225 to register or additional information. That’s 883-8225.

The free of charge classes are part of a grant and Miles does a great job not only including everyone but individually making sure when or if you’re confused that you don’t get left by the wayside.

This is the third class for me and I learn something every time out.

There has also been a series of computer classes offered in Ronan at the Lake County Community Development on Main Street.

Generally there is a $10 charge to pay for lunch since they have been running from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m..

The last one dealt with social media platforms and identified a bunch I had never heard off which is why you take the instruction right?

The one thing that these classes have done for me – even though I have been on the keyboard for years – is give me the confidence to try new things.

I can tell you that the promotion pages that I recently put up on Facebook were a bit rough and they are far from being finished, but I stuck my foot in the water and am sure I’ll get better with some additional practice

I’m always a little more than amused that notices that show up in newspaper often talking about things that if they have already occurred or they’re today or tomorrow and thus too late to make plans.

Just a tip to those who need it – Get your notices to the appropriate people early so possible attendees know about things that are coming up.

And hey what about that old standby – radio just sayin’

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