A Little More Time

While she had a terribly restless night and several times managed to arise to reposition herself, Skyy is with us and made this Vox a happy camper.

It is not that I expect here to keel over or not wake up – which at her age could happen – it’s that once a large animal goes lame it is just torture to see them struggle.

And if during her groaning if she whined or showed outward signs of pain it would be a no-brainer.

But today she again started to use both rear legs, is having less problem getting up and continues to show joy when I arrive.

This is not the first time I have had such an occurrence with my nearly 14-year old yellow lab.

But I think this hitch in her get-along may well have occurred because she slept wrong on the limb, had some bothersome cramps or at the best just saw an opportunity to get more people food than usual and convince me to join her of the floor.

But whatever it is, at least for now, I guess she has decided to reserve a place in front of the Big Screen and watch bucketball as it is time for conference tournaments.

And with the usual parity it should be something else.

Talking to my pal Billy Bob last night – a hoop expert I might add – prognosticators sometimes have to change up their predictions because of the upset taking place on the screen behind them as they are speaking out.

Watched quite the insightful interview with Gonzaga coach Mark Few last week. He doesn’t say much and seldom does in-depth interviews, even often sending his assistants to do halftime and post game.

I didn’t see it all but I was interested that he addressed his team about being undefeated pointing out that they now are on the verge of a single weekend – two games – from finishing the league season unbeaten.

Not only has no one ever done that but all another team can do is equal their mark. They would accomplish a record that cannot be broken.

I wish the Zags would have been beaten by someone. Now they have every target on their back.

No. 1, Unbeaten, overrated tag because of the WCC schedule – you name it.

There’s little doubt this is the best team in school history but every game from here lends to further credibility.


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