There just are times in one’s life when a lack of sleep is quite detrimental.

In my case often working several jobs to make ends meet I have always been accustomed to functioning well with a minimum or just what was available.

But tell me oh Captain now that more hours are readily available why I am sleeping less during the night – often waking at 5 a.m. – only to further rely on power napping during the day.

Don’t get me wrong I have always been a fan of power naps and am accustomed to dosing off whenever the urge or appropriate location presented itself – say like driving down I-90 in my Porsche or similar situations.

But still why I ask has my sleeping patterns changed.

That’s why I need your help.

Now I could go to miki wait that’s mikipedia right. I’m so confused.

Or maybe that sweet lady on OK Gaggle could provide me an answer.

Wait I’ve got it. What about Spacebook – It seems there suddenly is a wealth of reliable information either there or in those raunchy magazines that beckon for our attention hanging at the supermarket checkout aisle.

Better yet let’s collect suggestions, then have an investigation.

We could meet down the road in Pablo to insure equal representation between Polson and Ronan – Sorry Missoula and points south too much meltway thinking.

My ice fishing guru Bolo could facilitate. Answers could be submitted to a secret carrier – oops that’s not gonna work. There’d be a leak.

Instead I’ll drive the Mick Scooter down the center line center line – no not east and west that’s too close to right or left on the map and you you can hand them to me and I’ll twik or whistle the results and reveal them at the start of Daylight Savings time – if we still have such a thing.

That’s on the 12th under a full moon – no kiddin’. I’ve got to be able to read them after all.

But I forsee several challenges:

I don’t have any friends who are scooter mechanics in case I break. At least that I can appoint and you will approve in time for the trip.

Picking up suggestions will be difficult because crossing from the right to the left from a centrist. No that won’t work.

And my media friends – of whom locally I have just Laser Lightening Louie remaining. So named because he still can hunt and peck 85 words a minute – are either Grizzlies or Bobcats and suspicioned prejudicial and thus wouldn’t come anywhere near the center line.

Woe is me. What’s a guy to do. Guess I need members of Whale Team 12 to.

Think I’m on to something-Just sayin’


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