Just Do It

By Mick Holien

It’s one o those things that some families have quite a difficulty dealing with but as we all age it is the most important thing we can do for our heirs.

Maybe like you, I put off formulating a will until recently and even several times took on-line forms and made out my own.

But after hearing stories from others I realized it just wasn’t fair to my family not to have this important item taken care of, just in case you know.

Besides a will your attorney more than likely will advise power of attorney and wishes of what to do medically in the possibility that you can’t make that decision on your own.

It isn’t that expensive (500 or so) and can be completed in a short period and distributed like to your Doc, the hospital, your heirs and of course the copy the lawyer keeps on file.

But it is one of those items I observe we procrastinate about.

First of all invariably if they are like mine, your heirs are not anxious to talk about it let alone deal with it. I feel that is especially true if it is a mixed family or divorces figure into it and a nuclear family is not an option.

Of course some believe they are just going to leave it up to other people which of course is their prerogative but sometimes makes for quite difficult decisions.

An attorney once told me that no matter how everyone believes the situation will be docile, in his experience more often than not their eventually is divisive scenarios with someone’s feelings getting hurt.

While my will has been completed for some time, other provisions required my attention and I don’t think I still have my wishes completely explained.

And there also can be changes and changing of minds let alone changes in life issues (say health) and finances.

And then there’s the obit which usually falls to the family member that has it most together but often leaves out pertinent things and items no one knew about.

Here I am a journalist and I haven’t written mine even though I have often pledged to do so.

I have however written several others obits – before they died when requested.

My advice, given today’s tech, is to video taping family members using that instead of the written word to tell the life story..just sayin’

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