Electronic recycling is upon us as items may be taken to the Transfer Station of Reservoir Road Saturday, the 20th but am I the only one while pleased there is somewhere I can take these things lament that in the case of printers it is less expensive to buy another device rather than replace the cartridge.

Talk about discouraging as I sit here with three different printers on line and now have purchased an additional device that arrived of course without an accompanying ink cartridge.

What can I say?

I realize it is my ignorance at shopping on line and not taking better stock in what I would receive but here I was Saturday afternoon needing not only to print but to copy and my bright multi-faceted copier can do nothing but sit idly by while I wait three days for a cartridge.

I love my laser printer until I discovered what it was going to cost to keep it in four cartridges and then to discover that after paying more than 200 it doesn’t even copy…

Well you remember my tirade about anger last week.

I have just about recycled everything else except I can bring myself to part with my Fisher amplifier, matching double cassette player, turntable and equalizer that is I am sure more than 40 yrs old and while I have it earmarked to play in the garage it never has been powered up in about three decades.

I think I unloaded the huge speakers the last time around and even a b big screen opting two years ago for a 64 I think that already is starting to fade and it wasn’t as cheap as my bedroom set that so far is functioning well.

It is starting to slow down a little at the Transfer station as it seems the majority of lake county residents have done what I have done and slowly got rid of the electronics in past recycle days.

But what about cameras, calculators and tiny radios and the likes.

Aren’t they seemingly still in every drawer.

I njust keep thinking now somebody could use that and how convenient it would be as it remains where I calmly put it at least a decade ago.

What’s a guy to do and that printer had better suffice.

Just say

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