Early Signings

By Mick Holien

A 72-hour signing period beginning Dec 20 allows football recruits from the class of 2018 to make if official what institution they hope to play for.

Like before those early signees will be permitted to visit campus after their senior year begins and while it now seems once a player has decided they contact the media, even though coaches cannot comment until the official Letter of Intent day starting the first Wednesday of February and running through April 1.

So it this a good change?

On the Wed before Christmas, Dec 20, when early signees can make their commitment official, that group of Grizzlies that have already announced their intentions can begin stepping forward.

Let’s face it the early they are signed on the dotted line the more coaches and recruiting coordinators can relax but I wonder if someone who has made the verbal commitment doesn’t stand up, what message does that send?

Of course there are several positives for an athlete but concentrating on school during a senior season and sending recruiters packing ranks right up there.

Being able to visit campus April through June is highly beneficial for northern schools but Griz recruits in many sports are brought to the stadium with sold-out crowds to help influence their decision.

But what about those who sign early prior to a head coach being relieved. But the NCAA has been lenient in some of those situations.

For those graduating early they could get enrolled and attending glasses and ready for spring practice.

It also offers the media an early opportunity to hype the signings.

I guess it will become all football all the time.

What a job by Glacier High’s Brock Osweiller for the Broncos Thursday. When it was next man up, he was ready and brought his ejection of enthusiasm to the field. Quite a learning moment for backup players – You just ever know.

And then he wowed the post game television interview. He exhibits a whole lot of class especially for what he’s gone through shipped around the league.

Just sayin.


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