Early Christmas

By Mick Holien

Try as I might to take the cure I am an impulse purchaser of all things gadget.

Anyone who sees what catalogs I pack home from the mailbox especially this time of year and the number of routine emails I receive pitching me the latest product can attest it isn’t even comical.

And you would think because I know I am afflicted I could just say no but thus far, even though I now am on a fixed budget I have drawers of things I thought were the latest and greatest and they either didn’t work or maybe I never even got them out of their packing.

And now of all things comes post on Facebook documenting the latest 15 gadgets we just can’t live without and don’t you know I had to scroll through them.

Since I just opened the latest package I thought I would share it with you in case you might learn of something that I can pass along to you.

So here goes from Miles Kimball.

I have a little 10-inch fly swatter that extends to 22 inches to catch that every elusive flying object so that I am all ready for spring.

Who says someone couldn’t design a better mousetrap because the pair I just received are guaranteed and I have even been told you might catch two at a time.

I have a spiffy bottle or can gripper to open elusive tops when your wrists are not cooperative.

There is a touch light that sticks to the wall and doesn’t of course require electricity.

A Metallic gel pen set that can join my pen drawer written about previously.

And last but certainly not least, who can live without a supply of smiley face magnets, ages three and up, especially for only $3.

Of course these items all are free shipping and arrived, even here at the Christmas season, in less than a week via the mail.

Now I can tell you I received that entire load of couldn’t live without for under $25 along with a new stack of fliers to examine.

Thus far I have resisted the urge but seriously is there any hope?

I couldn’t give most of this stuff away at my garage sale.

Just sayin’

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