Mick is back and 2019 ready

 By Mick Holien

One thing someone who values words and communication in general quickly discovers when unable to do so is how sorely one misses writing when it’s basically been in one form or another a daily part of my life.

Hello everybody Mick Holien here returning to the airways with the award winning “In My Opinion” program after some unforeseen circumstances forced my sojourn and put another hitch in my get-along.

But in so doing I have found an alteration of the direction of my life boils down to just a few events – a slight diversion here, a greater than usual hardship or significant occurrence there – miniscule in the grand scheme of things I suppose really but containing a myriad possibly shaping one’s past into better perspective and in some ways steering ones near future.

but also a list of mostly distant quickly interchangeable variables actually determine most of those whys and wherefores.

And Imo – you know that In my opinion guy – had filled a bag of possibilities and was relatively confident I knew at least the general direction of the waning days.

Most who really know me will tell you I am tough, a fighter if you will and over the years I have reluctantly, almost embarrassingly bore the label.

But if not for my attitude though this last few months would have taken even a greater role.

But I think my Mom’s old quote aptly applies – Man plans and God laughs.

As you probably know from previous stories I was diagnosed with MS multiple sclerosis some four years ago and if there is one thing I have learned about the auto immune disease it is its unpredictably which often affect other parts of the body.

But I’ve got the saddle  and there’s the horse so let’s get back at it.

And if you are so interested in my journey go to my Facebook page band for those who have been there your friendship and assistance is so appreciated.

So much to say, so little time yet its importance will not diminish.

Anyway Is it my imagination or is our burg bristling with increased activity or has the late arrival of snow and period temps prompted snowbirds to hang around longer?

After all you could go to Tucson for snow, right?

But there does seem to be an increase in entrepreneurial spirit and let’s hope the minimum wage increase finds its way a bit up the wage ladder.

There are so many good stories but they have a tendency to be set aside traded for controversy or bleed-lead events.

I have however noticed national newscasts trying to lean to more of a positive bent especially later in the broadcast.

Of course during the holiday season that is a bit easier as good deeds are abound.

And let’s face it. We could use more positivity. Just sayin’

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