Catchin’ Up

By Mick Holien

So are we really going to get a pleasant September or when that thermometer took the big dip last week was it just the precursor to that bite in the air that sends us to a different drawer in the dresser or maybe spot in the closet.

All I know is that one night I wore shorts and a Tee to the Osprey game in Missoula and after a rainout a day later I was in sweats and a warm-up jacket.

And thus maybe there won’t be a few of those post Labor Day boat wanderings when the majority of lake-stored boats rest comfortably on their perch and there’s no waiting at any of the marina fuel.

But since the smoke stifled most of our wanderings I just would not be surprised if the locals push the envelope a bit when we’re blessed with an 80-degree day but I think the post dinner opportunities are certainly looking limited.

Don’t get me wrong – I like living in a four season neighborhood but I have to admit when it gets here so quick it takes some getting used to.

But we can be distracted from water activities with the arrival of school days and fall activities and sports.

Here on Holien acres where I didn’t even see the gully below the house for about a month, let alone Flathead Lake, my good buddy is deep into outfitting the lift van we located with necessary apparatus to tool behind the driver’s wheel after the lift raises me off the ground and into the rig.

Just one problem without yet a viable solution there is no button or switch to open and close the sliding door.

So if I arrive I’ll need your help to slide the door open and close.

But people have been so gracious in helping to load and unload my scooter on the back of my old-school colored rig, I don’t foresee too much of a problem.

Bobby Ball isn’t far away in Missoula kicking off with an under-the-lights ranked team brawl with Northern Iowa.

Both in-state Div-1 schools have more Treasure State products on their rosters than in a long time and that certainly comes with a caveat. Everybody wants the hometown player to gain a scholarship and come down the Washington Grizzly Stadium tunnel.

But yet to be determined is if the two programs can play successfully in the Big Sky Conference with homegrowns.

True we have had a lot of players as either walk-ons or small schools be successful and even make it to the pros but Bobby’s success will be determined if he can win with in-state talent.

I guess we’ll just behave to see. Just say’n


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