Office Supplies – Part 1

By Mick Holien

You know I’d like to think I have my ducks in a row as well as the next guy but if that is true why does my desk, even as organized as it was yesterday, always look thrashed and hide things.

So how many pens do you own.

All my print years makes me darn particular about how my pen feels in my hand – I love a good pen. It’s just they are so darn expensive.

I have one drawer completely full of every imaginable office supply and another filled to the brim with pens, the majority of which probably are full of dried ink.

And I confess I am a pen stealer so if you have one on your desk that you really like keep your eyes on me. Oh by the way Missoula detectives will tell you I also can read anything upside-down on your desk. Comes in very handy for background don’t ya know.

The problem though with the stolen pens is they are only filled about a third and quit working the first time you need them.

I noticed in my pen drawer the other day what was left of one of those super pen orders that I participated in – There must be a couple hundred and seldom does one work.

What is a guy to do – A fading memory I (apologies for the song hook) and a malfunctioning pen?

And tonight somewhere on this 1800-square foot desk is the mouse to my laptop. I may require a congressional investigation on that one because it just flat disintegrated.

So what about batteries.

Why is it that the tester says they are fine but do you think they will allow my television remote to work?

I have a neat little white box full of AA and AAA but now again I need four and nary a one anywhere.

I finally gave up when batteries were required for my recorder for pre-game interviews and always packed a power supply but of course they malfunction as well.

So on a later date we’re going to examine just what occupies my desk and what I can locate in my desk supply storage.

Bet that got your day started ..just sayin’

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